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There is one New Years’ goal that I come back to year after year. To get organized!

After the hustle and bustle of the holidays and after all the garland, wreaths, trees, and all those pine needles are cleaned up, I want my house put back together. I like to then try to create a sense of peace and calm.

To help get everything back into place, and to freshen up my living space, I go through and purge anything out of the house that I saw was not used in the last year, and will more than likely not get used again. Then its time to take inventory of what spaces need organizing such as drawers, closets, the kitchen, etc.

Then its time to look for the type of containers needed to help set me on the path to organization.

For the kitchen, I love to use a caddy on my table for the salt and pepper shakers, napkins, or any other loose bits kept out that need to be corralled. The perfect item for this would be Mary & Martha’s Small Acacia Wood Caddy:

Another handy container for keeping the pantry part of my kitchen organized is to use wire baskets in the cupboard to easily store can goods or snacks such as the Mary & Martha Blessings of God Copper Wire Basket:

Thanks & Praise Copper Wire Basket

In my entryway, I keep a tray to contain my keys, mail, spare change, or whatever else may get dropped there when my family comes home. The perfect tray for this is the Mary & Martha It Is Well Tray:

For anywhere else in the home that has loose items just floating around such as the kids’ room, living room throws, office items, etc., I try to find a decorative basket to collect those items.  Mary & Martha have many wonderful baskets for this too! 

Faith Basket

Hope Basket

Hope Basket

Love Basket

Last but not least, let’s celebrate all of this organization. To celebrate the fact that the space is clear and put together, I light a candle to help set and celebrate a much, cleaner and cozier atmosphere. A perfect candle for this is the Mary & Martha Sanctuary Candle- A Place of Peace:

Peace Candle

I’d love to help you with purchasing any of these organization items so feel free to reach out! I wish you all the best in this New Year!

I must know, do you feel a need to clean and organize on New Year’s? What are your organization tips?

Alice Klitz

I am a Consultant with Mary & Martha which is a DaySpring and Hallmark company that offers inspirational items for your home or gift giving! I am so happy being a consultant with them cause it's like having your own Christian bookstore in your own home, to shop from whenever you want, and share with others. Items with a faith message have such lasting effects... we may never even realize how much in our lifetime, but God knows!

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