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I feel that the Lord has given us a beautiful gift in the change of seasons. Four times a year, weather patterns and temperatures change. Allowing us to have a special time to look forward to. And fall tends to be the season most of us eagerly anticipate. After spending most of the summer days sweating and being locked indoors from the beating sun, crisp breezes are a welcome reprieve.

And there are so many activities that come with autumn to enjoy. Picking apples, visiting a pumpkin patch, bonfires, leisurely walks under trees ablaze with color, snuggling with a cozy blanket and tall mug of coffee. And not to mention the opportunity to bake and host for gatherings of friends and family.

It’s a fun time to decorate as well. As you can incorporate fall into every area of your home. And include décor pieces that can be used all year round.

One of my favorite ways to usher in the season is to decorate my porch. With pumpkins, mums, and more pumpkins. Visit your local pumpkin patch with our “Adventure On” water bottle or the “Hello Hope” tumbler in hand.

Then after your pumpkin picking adventure, pick out a pretty lantern. Such as Mary and Martha’s medium and small glass lanterns.  Fill it with some acorns on the bottom, and perhaps tie a ribbon on the top. Place a battery lit candle in it, and you have the perfect fall porch scene to greet you and your guests.

Decorating the rest of your home in the fall is great fun as well. You could use easily feature a favorite fall themed quote, on our “Ampersand Letterboard” anywhere in your house. Or perhaps hang the “My Life” photo and card holder and write out some things you are thankful for, and clip them on.

Since autumn is the season when apples and pumpkins are harvested, the two best fruits for pies, and cobblers, and muffins, it is the best time for baking.

With so much baking to try, it is an amazing time to minister to friends and family by inviting them over for a meal or making them a special treat.

Be ready to host a harvest time meal, or bake some special goodies with some of the many Mary and Martha kitchen supplies. Such as the “Fresh Joy” pie plate , “Fresh Joy” Loaf pan , “Fresh Joy” baking dish , “Fresh Joy” dinnerware set , “Done In Love” serving board , or “Served with Love” napkins.

Wherever your autumn adventures take you, enjoy this moment. Try and make time to thank our Lord for this sweet time of year and for the amazing gift of the change in seasons.


What is your favorite thing about fall?

Alice Klitz

I am a Consultant with Mary & Martha which is a DaySpring and Hallmark company that offers inspirational items for your home or gift giving! I am so happy being a consultant with them cause it's like having your own Christian bookstore in your own home, to shop from whenever you want, and share with others. Items with a faith message have such lasting effects... we may never even realize how much in our lifetime, but God knows!

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