How To Plan A Memorable Mother Daughter Tea Party

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How to Plan a Memorable Mother-Daughter Tea Party

Teatime with your precious little girl! If you are looking for a fun and unique activity for you and your daughter to do, try having a mother-daughter tea party. As busy moms, it’s easy for us to lose track of time and miss out on special times with our children. Why don’t you make some amazing memories by hosting a mother-daughter party and making it super special? Not sure where to start? Let me help! Here are the steps for a memorable mother-daughter tea party:

1) Grab a Tea Set

Purchase a lasting tea set that you can use for years to come. Guess what? We know where you can find a perfect tea set! The Daughter of the King Tea Set + Devotional Booklet would make the perfect tea set for you and your daughter(s). The Daughter of the King Tea Set + Devotional Booklet comes with 9 pieces and a Devotional book that includes 52 individual devotions along with a place to journal your time together. The 9 pieces include a teapot, sugar pot, creamer pot, 2 saucers, 2 teacups, and 2 spoons.

If you have more than one daughter and need some extra cups and saucers then grab the Daughter of the King Add-On Tea Set.


2) Set the Table

Decorate the table or area you are having the tea party with some basic décor such as small flower arrangement in middle and a tablecloth. This does not have to be elegant as you can cut some flowers from your yard and grab a blanket/sheet for your table. Use what you have on hand and get creative!

3) Prepare the Food

You can keep this super simple or make it more elegant, totally up to you and your time! Great food ideas would be finger sandwiches, cookies, scones, and muffins. For the tea, fix something that your daughter and you would like. If your child is young and tea is not for them, try hot chocolate or a punch of some sort. The options are endless!

You can also display the yummy food you have prepared for the tea party on this lovely Daughter of the King Tray. The tray reads, “You are God’s creation amazing, wonderful, beautiful He made only one you, unique, original, special He delights in you and loves you daughter, Child of the King”. It’s a great addition to your mother-daughter tea party and you could even display this tray in your daughter’s room when not having a tea party. 

4) Dress Up

Have your daughter (and yourself) put on something dressy. The dressier the better! Put on that costume jewelry, a pretty hat, dress, and shoes that make you feel elegant. Watch your daughter smile as she gets all dolled up!

5) Time for the Tea Party

You could have this planned out ahead of time and your daughter knows about it or you could surprise her with it. Either is fun! Come to the tea party with everything ready to go and start the tea party with a devotion from the Devotional Booklet that the Daughter of the King Tea Set comes with and then a prayer to bless the food and your time together. Another sweet touch would be for each of you to write a short letter that states something that you both appreciate each other and then read them to each other during the party. Oh, and don’t forget to get someone to take pictures or set up a timer on your camera and get a shot! Most importantly, make memories with your daughter that won’t be forgotten!

Try planning a tea party for you and your daughter with these key steps and the Daughter of the King Tea Set + Devotional Booklet and let me know how it goes. Please tag me or share with me so I can showcase your tea party and see your wonderful memories!

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