Babies Are a Gift from The Lord So Let’s Celebrate Them!

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Find out the best ways to celebrate a new baby!

James 1:17 says it all, “Every good gift and every perfect give is from above..”! Children are a gift from the Lord and a heritage from the Lord. During this time of new life, it’s important to celebrate these precious blessings and showering them with gifts. Whether it’s a baby shower you are attending or visiting with a new baby after birth, it’s important to be joyous and celebrate the gift of life. I wanted to share with you three different ways you can celebrate a new baby and be a blessing to that new little one and their families!

3 Ways to Celebrate a New Baby:

  1. Celebrate the baby with gifts!

I love to bring thoughtful and inspirational gifts to a baby shower or to a new baby and one of the best places to find these types of gifts is from Mary & Martha. Mary & Martha has several inspirational gifts for baby which are broken down into a few collections.

          • All Creatures Great & Small

          The All Creatures Great & Small Collection is a beautiful, unisex collection full of many memorable and inspirational gifts for babies that can grow with them and be a cherished item.

          • All Creatures Great & Small Board Book + Security Blanket-Lamb– this precious security blanket has embroidered message that reads, “All creatures great and all, the Lord God made them all!”. The board book is titled “All Creatures Great & Small” and this book talks about the magnificent creation story through the hymn, “All Things Bright & Beautiful”. This is a beautiful gift that is perfect for a new baby.

          If you want to check out all the beautiful baby gifts, go to and you can view all of the collections and gifts available.

          1. Celebrate with Food!

          If you are a parent, then you know right after the birth of that blessing is some long days and nights! The mom is trying to rest and recover, dad is trying to help out in all the ways possible, and siblings are trying to adjust. The birth of a new baby is a very exciting time yet tiring. Since the new parents will be adjusting to a new baby, it’s nice to bring them over a home cooked meal (or take out if you can’t get around to cooking!). If you know many that may be interested in helping with meals, you can start a meal train and have the meals covered for the first few weeks. Any family that just had a new baby would be blessed by this type of gesture!

          1. Celebrate the Mom!

          Don’t forget about the Mom! She just went through so much and she is recovering at this time too. According to an article I read written by Janet Oravetz, the following weeks after the birth of a baby is a critical time for the mom and their baby to set the stage for long-term health and well-being. Moms need some attention during this time so why not bring the new mom a gift to let her know you are thinking of her too? I can think of several meaningful and inspiring gifts for that new mom.

          • 100 Days of Grace & Gratitude + Heirloom Mug– this would be the perfect gift for a new mom. This devotional journal is ideal for the new mom so she can read one Scripture, devotion, and prayer every day. She also has room to journal and write down what all she is experiencing after the baby is born!

          I hope you found these tips helpful and I hope that you will find joy in celebrating new life. If you ever need a gift for a sweet baby (or even a mom) let me know and I’d love to assist you with your shopping!



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