Make A Great Gift Basket

by using a caddy

Have you ever had a collection of little random items you wanted to put together for a gift? It can be some really useful things, or just applicable to the occasion, but you cannot get them to look very nice or special all together?  I’ve often looked for a box, only to be stuck on how to decorate that… or as a gift basket, but want the basket to be useful. That’s when discovered a caddy that works great. It is solid and hold a lot, and is an item they can use for silverware, to hold mail, or other ways in their home too. It has a beautiful message on it that reads: Our God, we give You thanks. 1 CHRONICLES 29:13. Putting items in it makes a collection of items look special and meaningful. Take a look at a few ways or ideas on how to make it a special gift basket.

caddy w logo