Meaningful Wire Basket

Baskets organize our homes, make cute displays, and create neat gift baskets.

The nested market baskets adapt to any need! They are available in small, medium, and large are made of heavy wire, with a medallion on it. You can purchase them individually or as a set!

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The small basket is 11″ SQ x 3 1/2″ D. Use it as a catch all, line it with a tea towel to serve muffins or dinner rolls, asa decoration a shelf, to corral remotes or coasters, for hand towels in our bathroom, or for your furry friends! Metal tag reads: say grace.

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The medium basket is 14″ SQ x 5″ D. Use it for keeping magazines handy, or try it for countertop organization – we like it for displaying a pile of pretty cloth napkins or sorting mail. Metal tag reads: give thanks.

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The large basket is 15 1/2″ SQ x 5 1/2″ D. The large basket keeps newspapers in an orderly stack, makes a great catch-all for your throw blankets, or stacks rolled towels neatly in your bathroom. The possibilities are endless! Metal tag reads: gather together.


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If still hard to see the size and quality of these baskets, this video may help!






Make A Great Gift Basket

by using a caddy

Have you ever had a collection of little random items you wanted to put together for a gift? It can be some really useful things, or just applicable to the occasion, but you cannot get them to look very nice or special all together?  I’ve often looked for a box, only to be stuck on how to decorate that… or as a gift basket, but want the basket to be useful. That’s when discovered a caddy that works great. It is solid and hold a lot, and is an item they can use for silverware, to hold mail, or other ways in their home too. It has a beautiful message on it that reads: Our God, we give You thanks. 1 CHRONICLES 29:13. Putting items in it makes a collection of items look special and meaningful. Take a look at a few ways or ideas on how to make it a special gift basket.

caddy w logo

Ampersand Meaning

Do you have something with ampersand on it you’d like to give as a gift?
Here’s is a little sentimental poem you can include in the card, connecting the importance of & in our lives, making it more meaningful and loving gift!

The Ampersand Meaning

The & symbol simply means, together or and,
but it has more power, than we realize it can.

It connects those decisions, we make in our life,
like who will be our spouse, husband or wife.

The people we spend time with,  friends that we make,
the things that we do, actions we take.

But there’s something it does, that’s oh so much more,
is when we include & in our life with Christ our Lord. 

By Alice Klitz

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