Easter Basket Gifts For Kids

with a great Christian message!

Easter will soon be here! Easter egg hunts, new dress clothes, church services, and… Easter Baskets! As we share with children the story of Easter and God’s deep love for us. Wouldn’t it be nice if they could hear that message each day? Well, I want to share with you a collection that does just that! Each of them are based off a book titled “God Made Just One.” It talks of how unique, special, and loved you are in God’s eyes. How He made you for a place and purpose in life. Want to hear it? Let me read it to you!

Isn’t this God Made Just One Book a message we want every child (and adult 🙂 ) to hear?!
God Made Just One Book

From this book there are 6 other items derived from it.

    1. The God Made Just One Placemat is a food safe, washable and reusable coloring placemat. It comes with the washable markers and is a huge it with the kiddo’s! They color it over and over. Throw it in the “to go” bag and use when waiting at a restaurant or appt. Rinse under water when you get home and it’s ready to be colored again!
      Look how easily it cleans up, ready to be reused again!

God Made Just One Washable Placemat

2. If your child would rather color in a color book, there is one of those too! The God Made Just One Coloring Book has large paper placemat sized pages, with die-cut inserts so you can frame and hang to enjoy their artwork too!
God Made Just One Coloring Book

3. The God Made Just One Floor Puzzle is a 100 piece puzzle that is so much fun to put together. It has big pieces so works for ages 3 and up.God Made Just One Floor Puzzle

4. Then there is a God Made Just One Magnetic Puzzle too! This has 9 large pieces that are magnetic on the back.
God Made Just One Magnetic Puzzle

5. The God Made Just One Plates is a set of 4 melamine plates, so they are shatter resistant. They are great for snacks and each one has it’s own message, so fun to rotated each day!
God Made Just One Plates

6. And lastly is the God Made Just One Growth Chart. This come in 3 large puzzle pieces. Put together and hang when ready to record your child height, and tuck away until needed again! Or hang and use a dry erase marker to record the heights in a Sunday school classroom for a fun idea, and simply erase when done!
God Made Just One Growth Chart

So many options to show your child how unique and special they are in God’s eyes, and yours!

Put one in an Easter Basket this year and let that message live on each and every day!

I have to ask… which one is your favorite?


Little Kitchen Helper

Do you have a little one that loves to help you in the kitchen? Does she lick the spatula, or pull up a chair to the sink to help Mommy or Grandma with dishes? Would she like a little apron just like you wear? If so this Sweet To The Soul child’s apron is so adorable!
apron blog

It is 100% cotton, machine washable, and sized for a child 3-6 years old. On the bottom of it is the message: Sweet to the soul. Proverbs 16:24. It also has 2 pockets!

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 10.41.38 AM

apron blog 2

And this Sweet To The Soul apron can be personalized, it’s included in the price!

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 11.01.49 AM

Are you noticing some other items that match it? Well there are 2! The Sweet to the Soul Tea Towel and the Sweet to The Soul Recipe Cards!  They make the cutest set all together too!


I remember my girls helping me cook and bake, and those moments together in the kitchen are some of the most important ones in life. Not only are they learning a life long skill, but the conversations or songs sang while baking cookies are precious. It’s just the two of you working together, and living and sharing life together. I love how this apron can make that moment even more special!

What was something you loved to baked or cooked growing up? Please share!


Jesus Loves Me Mirror

Jesus Loves Me Mirror

17″ diameter    Message:
This is the face
of someone Jesus loves.
I have loved you with an
everlasting love.
Jeremiah 31:3 NIV

Be encouraged and feel extra loved
every morning as you look in the mirror.
This is the face of someone Jesus loves.
Hanging hardware included.


Giving Ideas:

  • Birthday (a great message to read each day).
  • First Communion (a gift they will treasure always).
  • College (great reminder when away from home).

    Jesus Loves Me Mirror


God Made Just One

There was a little girl, Who had a little curl, Right in the middle of her forehead…
I never saw a Purple Cow,I never hope to see one…
These are poems I still have in my mind from being read Childcraft books growing up.
Things we hear over and over again when young really do stick. That is one reason I always read books about God and His love to my children when they were young. I wanted them to remember that, and not just silly poems!
But I do wish I would of had a book that told them how special they were, unique, one of a kind, and created to do something special in this world, like the God Made Just One book by Bonnie Jensen and Ellen Matkowski.
God Made bookphoto 4I
It is big 6×9″ board book full of bright colorful pictures, with words that just touch ones heart. I have personally seen young and old come to tears when reading this book. A powerful message we need to hear, and want our children to know.
Wouldn’t it be great to remember “God made just ONE little child like you!”