DIY Photo or Card Display

with the Blessings Cardholder

I get so many compliments of how I made this rustic photo display, I wanted to show you how easy it is to make with this DIY project! Look for my next blog post on the many uses this Blessings Cardholder has, especially as a photo display!

pinterest collage

1. Purchase a Blessings Cardholder. It is on sale in July for only $22.

2. Purchase a board such as this one, and ask the store to cut it 37″. I got mine at Menards for about $4.  Also purchase some 2 1/2″ burlap ribbon. I got mine at Hobby Lobby for about $8.

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 9.12.02 AMScreen Shot 2015-07-01 at 9.26.26 AM


3. Lay the burlap ribbon the length of the board and staple it down with 2 staples on the reverse side. Stretch it tight and staple the other end with 2 staples also, then cut to trim. Repeat this process again to cover the other half of the board. The front and back of your should look similar to these pictures.



4. Place the cardholder on top of the burlap board. The bottom has a notch that fits right around the board, and the top has a hanger to hang onto the wall (hanging hardware included with he cardholder). When the cardholder is hung onto the wall, the board will hold in place. To make pretty I added a jute bow at the top, but this is optional!

top bottom

This DIY project using the Blessings Cardholder makes it look a bit more rustic and give is a vintage look.

I hope you enjoy creating it, and comment below, what are you going to hang on it?


Make A Great Gift Basket

by using a caddy

Have you ever had a collection of little random items you wanted to put together for a gift? It can be some really useful things, or just applicable to the occasion, but you cannot get them to look very nice or special all together?  I’ve often looked for a box, only to be stuck on how to decorate that… or as a gift basket, but want the basket to be useful. That’s when discovered a caddy that works great. It is solid and hold a lot, and is an item they can use for silverware, to hold mail, or other ways in their home too. It has a beautiful message on it that reads: Our God, we give You thanks. 1 CHRONICLES 29:13. Putting items in it makes a collection of items look special and meaningful. Take a look at a few ways or ideas on how to make it a special gift basket.

caddy w logo

Ampersand Wedding

Gifts, Decor, & More!

June is the month of weddings. Brides planning their big day… creating guests lists, talking to their minister, looking at dresses, organizing showers, calling photographers and DJ’s, and deciding decorations. Each is trying to add their own special touch to their special day, making it personal, unique, and memorable.

A common logogram that is seen more and more, is the ampersand “&”, a symbol that represents the word “and”.  While this & can combine various things, one of the most popular is Mr. & Mrs. making a fun and meaningful symbol used in weddings.

Here are a few unique items that contain the & sign that could be incorporated into wedding decor.

1. The Ampersand Tray.

This tray is big and made of distressed stained wood slats giving it dimension. This video will help to show it’s size!


iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Since it is a tray, it has 2 rings on each side, making it perfect for the couple to each hold a ring for an engagement picture, similar to this one.

ampersand blog

After pictures are over, use it as a prop at the reception too!

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 6.46.47 AM

Or give as a wedding gift for the couples home. In the card you can say,
“You are now a “&”, Mr. & Mrs.!”

2. The Ampersand Tote.

The bridesmaids often get a gift from the bride, and a tote for them to carry around a change of shoes, clothes, and personal belongings is a nice gesture. This burlap ampersand one is fun and just the right size too!


Add a card to it saying,
“I appreciate having you by my side & sharing our new life together!”

3. The Ampersand Card Holder.

This little ampersand has a slot in it to hold a place card such as at the head table.


But another fun way to use it would be to insert a picture of the couple, and display next to table centerpieces, on the gift table, or even cake table.

Or you could use to give insructions, such as saying,                                                                            “Take a piece of cake & we hope you take seconds”, or “Please sign the guest book & have a good time”, “We thank you for coming & spending the evening with us.”

photo 2

These 3 things are just unique and fun items that can easily be included in wedding decorations, giving the wedding and reception a flair all it’s own, while declaring, here is the new Mr. & Mrs.!


DIY Gift; Tea Towel Wall Hangings

Spring and warm weather makes up want add color and brighten up our homes! Just by adding a vibrant accent piece here and there makes it look new and cheery and makes us smile!

A simple way to add an accent is with wall decor, and creating your own with these watercolor tea towels in Sunflower & Roses is fun but also very meaningful. The message on the towel reads: Lovely, Noble, Pure, True, …think on these things… Philippians 4:8, and each towel measures 30″L × 20″W. Now let me show you how easy it is too makes these beautiful towels hang on your wall!


Begin with your 2 purchased Sunflower & Roses towels and 2- 12 x 24″ canvas frames. This is the ones I purchased at Michaels.


Next, because of the wording close to the bottom edge of the towel, you will need remove by bottom hem, by removing the stitching.  The iron this opened hem flat, and also iron the whole towel to rid of any creases.


Now center the towel on the canvas, grasp both sides and carefully flip it over. Lay the bottom creased towel edge over the canvas and staple that bottom side first.


Now staple all the other sides making sure the towel is pulled tight. At the corners wrap and staple as the picture here show. I also added some tape to the raw bottom edge and extra towel to hold it all in place.


Behold! You have 2 colorful, bright, meaningful wall decor pieces to use in your home, or give as a thoughtful creative gift!



tea towel

DIY Wall Decor with a Tea Towel

I love when I can buy an item and then add a personal touch to it, making it a really memorable gift full of love!

Recently I have used a Love & Grace Tea Towel to create a wall decor. This towel is available from Mary & Martha for $22.

Next I purchased a 20×24 canvas frame (I got buy one get one free too!).


Then I ironed the towel so it had no creases in it, laid it face down and centered the canvas on top of it. With a staple gun I attached and secured the sides and corners of the towel to the wooden part of the frame.

frame 2

It was so easy! And for approx. $30 made a wonderful gift! So… means I had gotten 2 frames, got another towel, so I could have a new picture for my home too! Whatcha think? Do you like it?



There is also another Acts 2:46 Tea Towel available through Mary & Martha for another option!


The Practical Caddy


[kad-ee] Spell Syllables
noun, plural caddies.
1. a container, rack, or other device for holding, organizing, or storing items

The Mary & Martha caddy is so versatile and practical, it makes a wonderful gift!Ways to use:
  • Use as a cell phone charging station
  • For silverware and plates
  • Hold magazines and TV remotes
  • In bathroom for hair gel, comb, lotion
  • As an art station with markers, colored pencils, and paper
  • As a mail station with bills to pay, or cards to mail
    1186925_657359240950113_1847888538_n - Copy 10552534_10152574379699976_9222125596071069129_n Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 4.09.16 PMcaddy wlogo

Ways you can use to give:

  • Fill it with bath products for a shower or Mom to be treat
  • Fill with party supplies for a Birthday party
  • Fill with food and treats or a house welcoming
  • Fill with journals and pens for a shut in neighbor
  • 10590662_10152574377604976_4678779344779206251_n1655994_260451354129734_586508831_n

So many ways to use, these are just a few, what are some of YOUR ideas? Please share!