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Whenever I see “God Bless Our Home” I think of my Grandmothers. It hung in a picture in her home along with many others. When you walked into her house, Christ was alive and the messages there spoke. Even 40+ years later I can still see them… can you relate with something similar?

Women, we need to do the same in our generation, so other generations follow suit. The things we bring into and display in our homes have powerful life long impact.

If your home is full of constant activity, schedules, rushing here and there… the best way to bring peace is to fill it with items of faith. The messages and scripture on those items grounds us, remind us, and keeps our faith alive. They have a purpose not just for us, but our families.

This also is important in the gifts that we give. I have several gifts with scripture on them that I treasure. It reminds me not only that the one who gave it to me loved me, but that God loves me also… can you relate with something similar?

Well Mary & Martha has taken what women are doing everyday into a company all about sharing. Founded by DaySpring and owned by Hallmark (two respectable companies) they have found a way for us women to combine our faith with our work, and created a community of women who celebrate God’s love in our lives!

Would you like to belong to a community of women that is positive, and share with others items with faith filled messages? Or would you just like to have your home be like that and knows it needs a change? Well them this may be an opportunity you have been looking for.


In June there is a great $79 enrollment kit special! Consultants can join Mary & Martha by purchasing a starterdeluxe, or $99 kit. The $99 kit is valued at $245 and will consist of spring product and business supplies also, so you will be all set to start your own business!

To see the kits and such better just click HERE.

Why join now?

1. Mary & Martha a still a ground floor company and I don’t want you to miss out! There are many companies I wish I would of been a part of in the beginning… can you relate?
2. The best time to join is in the fall, with the Christmas shopping season upon us. We have lots of great gifts, and Christmas items too.
3. I love to see women grow both in their faith, confidence, and business, and I want to help you!

So why not now?


It this a saying,  “The best time to plant an oak tree was 100 years ago. The second best time is today!”


Pray on this please! Now is the time!

Want to see more about how this works? Check out this blog post: What it’s all about!


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