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June is the month of weddings. Brides planning their big day… creating guests lists, talking to their minister, looking at dresses, organizing showers, calling photographers and DJ’s, and deciding decorations. Each is trying to add their own special touch to their special day, making it personal, unique, and memorable.

A common logogram that is seen more and more, is the ampersand “&”, a symbol that represents the word “and”.  While this & can combine various things, one of the most popular is Mr. & Mrs. making a fun and meaningful symbol used in weddings.

Here are a few unique items that contain the & sign that could be incorporated into wedding decor.

1. The Ampersand Tray.

This tray is big and made of distressed stained wood slats giving it dimension. This video will help to show it’s size!


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Since it is a tray, it has 2 rings on each side, making it perfect for the couple to each hold a ring for an engagement picture, similar to this one.

ampersand blog

After pictures are over, use it as a prop at the reception too!

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 6.46.47 AM

Or give as a wedding gift for the couples home. In the card you can say,
“You are now a “&”, Mr. & Mrs.!”

2. The Ampersand Tote.

The bridesmaids often get a gift from the bride, and a tote for them to carry around a change of shoes, clothes, and personal belongings is a nice gesture. This burlap ampersand one is fun and just the right size too!


Add a card to it saying,
“I appreciate having you by my side & sharing our new life together!”

3. The Ampersand Card Holder.

This little ampersand has a slot in it to hold a place card such as at the head table.


But another fun way to use it would be to insert a picture of the couple, and display next to table centerpieces, on the gift table, or even cake table.

Or you could use to give insructions, such as saying,                                                                            “Take a piece of cake & we hope you take seconds”, or “Please sign the guest book & have a good time”, “We thank you for coming & spending the evening with us.”

photo 2

These 3 things are just unique and fun items that can easily be included in wedding decorations, giving the wedding and reception a flair all it’s own, while declaring, here is the new Mr. & Mrs.!


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