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When you are shopping, roaming through stores, do you ever have a certain font or lettering catch your eye? Those who work in graphic design know the right font can make or break the graphic’s appeal. I love to look on Pinterest all the different kinds and ways lettering is used. But I never really thought about the lettering begin designed by a person, that it’s their work of art, and even name it after their own name.

Lindsay Letters is one who does just this, she is a lettering designer, and has a whole like of products with her letting on it. The font is calligraphy in style, but has a touch of youthfulness, softness, and adorability to it! Take a look at her collection at and you will see how beautiful her work is.

Mary & Martha was thus excited to partner with her in creating 5 pieces for the spring/summer catalog. Here are the ones she helped create.

1. The Home Sign

It reads “We open our home in love and grace, and ask God’s blessing on this place.” The white lettering on the black sign looks like chalkboard, but it’s not!

60127_large copy

2. The Think on these things from Philippians 4:8  noble & true mugs, lovely & pure mugs, 4 plates, roses watercolor tea towel, and sunflower watercolor tea towel are other pieces designed with Lindsay Letters. The vibrant colors of purple, yellow, pink, and blue brighten up a day!

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3. The Pizza tray  from Psalm 36:8 reads: Feed them with the abundance of your own house. It is a pretty wood, that can be hung as a wall decor, or use reverse side for pizza or as a tray.


4. I couple other towels are the  love grace tea towel, and Acts 2:46 tea towel.

The love grace towel reads: We open our home in love and grace, and ask God’s blessing on this place.

60116_large (1)

The Acts 2:46 towel reads: They broke bread in their homes and ate wit glad and sincere hearts.

It is a cute towel, but makes an ever cuter wall decor when wrapped around a canvas board.

frame 2 19308_694974383961581_4479899759293798940_n Mary-Martha-Tea-Towel

5. Then lastly is the cook with love apron. It reads: Celebrate life and cook with love, Psalm 36:8.


You can see how much style the lettering added to these pieces. It is always exciting to see people working in the God given talents they were given, and there is no doubt Lindsay Letter is doing just that!


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