5 Meaningful Wedding Gifts

Modern version of traditional pieces

June is the month of weddings! Invitations will arrive and probably several will have gift registries included, but if you’re like me, you’ll want to give a more personable gift. I like to give a gift that will help the new couple create a homey place to live in, with a touch of nostalgia.

I want them to remember the love from which it was given, have deeper meaning, with a subtle message of faith. Maybe it’s a gift they maybe didn’t not realize they wanted or needed, but a hopefully gift they will always treasure.

There are 5 wedding gifts that work for any wedding, in several price ranges (it’s just coincidence that they all start with “P”)!

1. Stamped Jute Place Mats: These are kind of a modern version of the doilies some of us might of had from out Grandmothers. We’d pull them in and out of the linen drawer using them here and there throughout life. With burlap is so popular and these placemats are sure to get used. Each is stamped with a different message; savor the moment, have seconds, give thanks, and say grace. They are beautiful when all 4 on a kitchen table, but also works well when just use night stand, or end table (to prevent scratches). A gift that will be used pulled in and out of the linen drawer to be here and there again! Priced in the $20’s.
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2. This Queen Anne’s Lace Pitcher: I remember my Mom having a pitcher from my Grandmother, using it on special occasions, or when company came. It’s a traditional item you treasure. This pitcher a a modern version of just that, and I always get compliments when I give this! The antique white color with the embossed words “Grace & Gratitude” is just beautiful, and is great for serving, but also makes a lovely vase for when the Valentine and Anniversary flowers begin! The underside has a wonderful prayer by Bonnie Jensen too. Priced in the $30’s.
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3. Personalized God’s Sweet Grace Canvas: This adds a special touch as you insert the last name and est. date onto the canvas, and the personalization is FREE! This is such a great go to gift any newly married couple would love in their home. The wood panel vinyl gives a rustic look. The frame is $15 extra, but it looks just as great as a canvas wrapped with out the fame! Priced in the 40’s.


4. Praise Tray: We remember trays for serving multiple guest, saving us steps back and forth. There was always something loving about having something brought to me on a tray. This long tray is a unique and modern version that can be used multiple ways. Use it decorative, and put in gourds for fall, pinecones for winter, Easter eggs in the spring, etc.  But is also makes a cute as a coffee server, or as a catch all, making it very versatile for a new couple. It reads: praise God from whom all blessings flow, giving a subtle but powerful message. Priced in the $50’s.

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5. Pizza Tray:  Do you remember read boards being hung in the kitchens long ago?  They were right there, ready to grab an use. This pizza tray is a modern twist on that, and he lettering on this is a specially designed by Lindsay Letters, making this item a piece of art!  Use the reverse side for serving pizza, cheese and crackers, or appetizers.  It reads: feed them with the abundance of your own house. Psalm 36:8. What a meaningful message to see everyday! Priced in the 70’s.



5 meaningful gifts that any couple would love. Comment below, which is your favorite?



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