Your Grace, My Gratitude

Do you know someone who “shows you grace?” While it is not like the Grace from God, it is that person who is kind and gracious to you, regardless, even when you do not really deserve it.

  • They speak kind and gentle words.
  • They seek out small ways to help you.
  • Responds to situations with a calmness.
  • Is there in times of grief and trials.
  • They say thank you and mean it.
  • Show a genuine interest in you.

To have a friend or person in your life such as this is such a blessing, and fills your heart with love. Or maybe a teacher who has been exceptional in your child’s life this year? A care giver who your Mom or Dad adores?

Wouldn’t it be nice to show them how their GRACE bring you so much GRATITUDE for them?

Well here are a few pieces that say just this.

1. The Small Footed Server


2. The Queen Anne Lace Pitcher



3. And the Grace & Gratitude dessert plates.


What a thoughtful gift any of these would be. Each time they see or use it the piece they are reminded about how their grace was appreciated, filling them with love.

With any order you can get FREE GIFT TAGS that express this message:

The GRACE you’ve given,

Your kind gentle ways.  

I’m full of a GRATITUDE,

For you, and give praise!

Just email for your printable copy!



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