DIY Gift; Tea Towel Wall Hangings

Spring and warm weather makes up want add color and brighten up our homes! Just by adding a vibrant accent piece here and there makes it look new and cheery and makes us smile!

A simple way to add an accent is with wall decor, and creating your own with these watercolor tea towels in Sunflower & Roses is fun but also very meaningful. The message on the towel reads: Lovely, Noble, Pure, True, …think on these things… Philippians 4:8, and each towel measures 30″L × 20″W. Now let me show you how easy it is too makes these beautiful towels hang on your wall!


Begin with your 2 purchased Sunflower & Roses towels and 2- 12 x 24″ canvas frames. This is the ones I purchased at Michaels.


Next, because of the wording close to the bottom edge of the towel, you will need remove by bottom hem, by removing the stitching.  The iron this opened hem flat, and also iron the whole towel to rid of any creases.


Now center the towel on the canvas, grasp both sides and carefully flip it over. Lay the bottom creased towel edge over the canvas and staple that bottom side first.


Now staple all the other sides making sure the towel is pulled tight. At the corners wrap and staple as the picture here show. I also added some tape to the raw bottom edge and extra towel to hold it all in place.


Behold! You have 2 colorful, bright, meaningful wall decor pieces to use in your home, or give as a thoughtful creative gift!



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