Giving Matters

Sometimes I think I have a “really good idea”, something I want to do for someone, give someone, or write and tell someone… but then I either:

  • get too busy and never do,
  • doubt the idea all together and never do,
  • worry the recipient will not appreciate and never do,
  • let too much time pass, the moment is gone, and I did not do it.

Have you ever done this? Or is it just me?

Since the first of the year I have had a resolution to mail more cards, and react on my thoughts of giving more. I have not been 100% faithful, but I am truly trying, and while God has shown me numerous times how important it is, the past two days I have been told and shown how much it really is.

#1. I had a friend who I sent a Birthday card tell me she used to get so many, but this year got 3 (one of them was mine) and how she loved it. With social media, we forget how special an important it makes us feel to personally get that piece of mail! The average person (excluding Christmas) gets 8 personal pieces of mail a YEAR! A card goes a long way when giving, and showing someone how much you care and love them!

#2. It’s ministry appreciation month, and the recipients eyes welled with tears when giving this simple gift. A quick snack mix in a cup, tied with string, and a note (which realized afterward I had even misspelled). I almost did not make it, or give it. I worried it was not cute enough, or they would think silly. But it made their day instead… I almost missed the chance to do that for them.

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 1.53.41 PM

It does not matter if it is perfect, worded properly, or adorably decorated. What matters is to do it… when you have the idea, the person in mind, do it! Listen to your heart, God is directing you for a reason and GIVE to them what you are being called to give!

I have missed the chance many times in the past, but did not the past 2 days, thank you God for showing me the importance again! What we give and do matters! It does not good in our minds or hearts until we put it into action, JUST DO IT!

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