God Made Just One

There was a little girl, Who had a little curl, Right in the middle of her forehead…
I never saw a Purple Cow,I never hope to see one…
These are poems I still have in my mind from being read Childcraft books growing up.
Things we hear over and over again when young really do stick. That is one reason I always read books about God and His love to my children when they were young. I wanted them to remember that, and not just silly poems!
But I do wish I would of had a book that told them how special they were, unique, one of a kind, and created to do something special in this world, like the God Made Just One book by Bonnie Jensen and Ellen Matkowski.
God Made bookphoto 4I
It is big 6×9″ board book full of bright colorful pictures, with words that just touch ones heart. I have personally seen young and old come to tears when reading this book. A powerful message we need to hear, and want our children to know.
Wouldn’t it be great to remember “God made just ONE little child like you!”

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