Post DR mission trip thankfulness.
Lastly, I am thankful for Compassion International. I was so impressed with the system Compassion uses. They partner with local parishes and communities in the areas their centers are, to get the support needed. Their workers at these centers truly are the hands and feet of God, helping children there, going to their homes, praying, believing, and encouraging them in so many ways. Compassion has a wholistic approach to fulfilling the children. They are helped in 4 ways; physically, educationally, socially, and spiritually. When a child graduates out of the sponsorship program, they also have a leadership program the young adult can apply for. This is a very detail and monitored program in which the leader goes back into the area they came from to teach, mentor, and help the children there. This is what is really changing the children in these centers. You can just see how that leader from their own area gives them hope, and allows them to dream of more. It is really quite remarkable, they know what they are doing, it is not giving them money when you sponsor, but so much more… really does changes the child’s life. Several leaders from Compassion are in this picture, and the others are employees, who are so giving, understanding, and caring, they are amazing! If you feel called to help compassion, you can sponsor a child ($48/mon), sponsor a center ($20/mon) or make a one time donation. All of this can be done on my website. On the very bottom is a link is a “Be Compassionate” link. Thank you for allowing me to process and share my experience with you. I hope one day you also will be blessed with a mission trip in your life, as I was with Compassion’s to the DR!

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