Post DR Mission trip Thankfulness #15.
Isuary, my adorable precious little girl. I was able to visit her home, meet her parents and siblings, sit at her table playing a game, see her bed, look out the families window… walk the path & climb the crumbling stairs that she takes to school each day, read the graffiti on the way… see her neighbors, smell the smells, dodge the barking dogs… visit her school, meet her teachers, watch her eat a lunch of porridge, hold her hand… Spend a whole afternoon together at a swim park/playground, just us and the sponsored children and tutors… play in the pool, on the swings, climb the tree house, look for guava that fell from a tree, share a meal, give a gift, pray a prayer together. Creating this bond, then leaving her there is one of the hardest things to do, but our hearts will be forever together, and I am so honored to be her sponsored Mother!

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