Pot Makers

pot makers

Post DR Mission Trip Thankfulness #9
Such hard workers. On our way to Lucy’s home, literally right by her home (not very safe for her young children) was men working in the dirt, and over a hot fire. I stopped to watch them and they explained to me they were forming, baking, and creating metal pots to sell. I am not sure if this was a business for them, or just labors, but they told me a pot sold for about $2. The amount of work they did for that $2 pot was unbelievable. It was so hot and they were dripping sweat, but yet so gracious to let me watch, take pictures, and explain the process, all while their hands kept moving and digging. My husband, myself, and my family are all hard workers, and we really love to work together, but I wonder how we would last working all day for a handful of $2 pots…

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