Clean Water


After spending 4 days on the Mary & Martha Dominican Republic Mission Trip, I am full of mixed emotions. Witnessing such extreme poverty is hard to put into words. Seeing the work of Compassion International and how they are transforming young lives is amazing. I have much to be thankful for!

Post DR Mission Trip Thankfulness #1:
I am so thankful for Clean Water! In the Dominican Republic, not only can you not drink the water, but everyday basic uses become a big job, and challenge… a pot of boiling water ready to be used if needed. We are so fortunate to be able to drink, shower, clean, and have clothes washed in clean water! Something so taken for granted!

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One thought on “Clean Water

  1. Err with caution with your own drinking water Canada and Stateside. There have been incidents! Walkerton comes to mind. There are also some places in DR where water is springfed and safe! None-the-less I agree that we from developed countries take much for granted.