Kit prayers

037 602166_4023995936897_1249731810_nKit prayers

Twice how I have been honored to pray over a stack of kits. When you join Blessings Unlimited, total strangers stop the work they are doing, to  gather together, and each say a prayer to the new Consultant who will be receiving the business kit. They pray  for your life to be blessed and full of happiness as you minister to others Gods message of love. Each person who prayed signs their name on a  you paper that is included in the kit. Getting that paper full of signatures is absolutely amazing. I was recently at Blessings Unlimited home office and once again took part in this powerful and moving event, praying over kits. I never know who will receive them, so it was exciting when a member of my team contacted me that she received a kit with my signature! I remember what I prayed for her…that she would touch the lives of others as she shares these products, and they touch hers. That she would the feel the love of this company and all it gives and does for us. What a welcome to a business! Wow! 🙂

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