Perfectly Orchestrated

When you least expect it, life can throw you a loop, and mine was a big one…5 weeks ago, I lost my Dad. I am sure I will be mentioning this time to time here, cause his death had a tremendous impact on me. He was not a healthy man by no means, and has had his share of health problems for 20+ years. He had his first stoke 23 years ago, several stents in his heart, another stoke, 4 way by pass, all while living with Diabetes. He used all his “nine lives” and more it seems, and 16 months ago, he went to the hospital short of breath, that took a huge turn for the worse. He was not conscious and 3 of his 5 children with his wife (our mother) called and told everyone Dad was dying, being told by hospital staff his time was near. We said our goodbyes, and waited, when low and behold, he opened his eyes, became more alert, and went home a few days later. Unbelievable! The Lord was not done with him yet at that point.

With that being said I need to explain my Dads incredible faith. He has honestly been ready for death and heaven, accepted this, and never wanted extensive measures to be done. When he had medical intervention done, it was the pain that lead him (stent and bypass). If God was not taking him, then he wanted relief! But I cannot imagine 20 some years to be so ready. For many, you would end up discouraged with your health, upset, and lose faith even, but for my Dad, his only grew deeper with God all the more. So for him to recover from that 16 months ago was joyful for us, but was it to him? While Dad may of wondered why God did not take him, he trusted His will, and now looking back, how perfectly orchestrated He prepared Dad, Mom, and all of kids those next 16 months.

During that time Dad became more confused (the lack of oxygen during that attack affected his brain), but Mom and Dad had just moved from the family farm to town, and it gave them a time to make this little house their home together. Dad liked to stay home a lot (hard time getting around) but Mom joined a group of ladies walking each morning, volunteered and visited the residents at the nursing home, became more active in Church and Community events, and enjoyed getting her hair done each week. God was building her a network of friends to help, watch, and encourage her after Dads passing. Just what she needed, in hind site, but of course He knew best.

Meanwhile Dad did get more discouraged with himself, the mistakes he made, aches and pain, and not knowing what to do about several situations… have surgery or not? He did go ahead with cataract surgery cause he was nearly blind, and could not see to draw up his insulin in the syringe any more (must of guessed a lot we realized, sigh). This was also preparing Mom, as it was getting to where it was hard to care for him daily, never knowing if would be a good or bad day, the stress of it all worn on her, and prepared her too. But Dad embraced every opportunity to retell a story, visit with a grandchild, friend, or neighbor. You could see in his eyes, he was loosing strength, and slowly seeing how the family would be without him. He gave us a gift of every word he spoke those 16 months. 149452_561650877187617_1827677730_n

So when God knew it was the perfect timing, He carried Dad home. We had no idea when, why, or how. Faith and trust. Live life following Gods direction and living a good life,  even when not sure why things   are happening, cause eventually you will look back someday and say how perfectly orchestrated it all was!

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