Fabric Letters

These fabric letters are so beautifully written I’ve seen so many tears while being read, so be prepared and get the tissues out!

They are $20 each available only until Jan. 31st, then are being discontinued.

You can personalize each letter with a date, Dear personalized name, personalized closing, and personalized signature.

  1. Everyday Fabric Letter
    Choose From Mom, From Dad, To Mom, and To Dad.

2. Friend to Friend Fabric Letter
Choose 3 different options!

3. Wedding Personalized Fabric Letter
Choose From Mom to Daughter, From Daughter to Mom, From Dad to Daughter, or From Daughter to Dad.

They are a thin fabric that can be easily folded inside a card.

If you would like help with and order just let me know!
Alice 🙂

Hope and Cancer

The word “Hope” is such a wonderful word used with those facing cancer, and I just love that the word for our relay for life this year is “Hope”.

By definition hope means: a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen, or a feeling of trust.  Isn’t this just what a person battling cancer needs, hope!

I have 6 items with “hope” on them I want to share with you.

1. The Family Tray. This BIG tray has hope on one side of it!
Measures 287/8″L × 21″W × 31/2″H. This white distressed, oversized wooden tray has many functions. Use it as a decorative centerpiece on your large family table, use it on an ottoman to act as your family room catch-all, or use it on your bed to hold your breakfast and enjoy your quiet time. Message reads, Family, love, joy, peace and hope. Measures 287/8″L × 21″W × 31/2″H.

2. Hello Hope Foldover Clutch.
Measures 12″H (flat) × 8″H (folded) × 10 1/2″W. Carry your necessities in this striped foldover clutch! Message reads, Hello hope. Romans 5:4 TLB. Made of premium canvas and faux leather. Printed cotton lining on inside of bag. Stitched message on inside reads, beyond beautiful. Zipper closure. Measures 12″H (flat) × 8″H (folded) × 10 1/2″W.

3. Hope Pouch.  This little bag is so adorable!
Measures 4″H × 613/16″W × 11/4″D. Store your loose coins and gift cards in this adorable zippered pouch. Message reads, hope. Made of premium, printed canvas. Zipper closure. Printed cotton lining on inside of pouch. Stitched message on inside reads, beyond beautiful. Measures 4″H × 613/16″W × 11/4″D.

4. Hello Hope Ring Dish. I have seen so many cancer rings… that on this hello hope ring dish would make such a meaningful gift.
Measures 51/4″D × 4″H. Hold your rings, earrings and other small pieces of jewelry with our Hello Hope Ring Dish! Gold foil message reads, Hello hope. Measures 51/4″D × 4″H. Ceramic.

5. Hello Hope Canvas. Comes in 4 colors!
Measures 10″ square. Hello Hope. How refreshing these two words are together. We hope this canvas reminds you of the ever present hope you have in Christ! Message reads, hello HOPE. Measures 10″ square. Printed in the USA. Choose from 4 colors: Mint, Curry, Peach, Black.

6.  Hope Bundle. Lots of goodies to bring encouragement and hope!
Each bundle includes a DayBrightner, journal, encouragement notes, Scripture cards, and booklet with stickers. Each bundle inspires with courage and hope! Great gift for anyone, including you!

Hope for today, tomorrow, and always. Here is my prayer of Hope for you and anyone you know going through cancer. 

How can I pray for you?

Rustic & Vintage Styled Tray

I love to watch the TV show “Fixer Upper, and their inspiring ideas to use inside and out. The vintage, rustic, and farmhouse looking pieces gives us that loving, traditional, and nostalgic look from out past, making a house into a home.

So when I seen this rustic and vintage styled Family Tray it reminded me of one of those pieces I often see on Fixer Upper.

This Family Tray is big (28″ x 21″) as you can see in this picture! 

It is white distressed, and the message on it reads, Family, love, joy, peace and hope. There are so many ways to use this tray, such as on a table as a centerpiece!

Or how about on a coffee table or ottoman!

Or even on a mantel it looks pretty!

Such a fun piece to add that vintage farmhouse look into your home, and with a message of love! You will be sure to treasure this for years to come!

Where will you put the Family Tray in your house?

Retro Caddy

There are so many ways to use a caddy! I have several all around my house, and this retro one will be next! It is called the Gather Together Kitchen Caddy  but can be used so many ways other than in the kitchen! It measures 101/2″W × 7″D × 5″T, is metal, and the message on the tag on it reads, Gather Together.

It works great to use  this caddy as a collect all on the countertop, to hold greeting cards and other desk top items, on the bathroom to hold beauty supplies, or as a caddy with fun birthday plates, cups, and silverware!

It also works great to create a gift basket, hold coloring books and pencil colors, as a centerpiece with flowers, or candles!

Which is your favorite way to use the Gather Together Kitchen Caddy?

Retro Tea Towels & Recipe Cards

Mary and Martha has a wide variety of tea towels and recipe cards but there are 2 sets I especially love! Let me show them to you!

1. The Sweet to the Soul Collection has a retro vintage look that just screams little girls! And because of that, big girls love having it as a reminder of their past or to share with their daughters too. It is great for a Birthday gift, Wedding shower gift, Teacher gift, or for anyone who loves to bake!

Sweet to the Soul Tea Towel.  This towel is approximately 29 ”L x 30” W

Message reads, Make it sweet, Served with love, Gracious words are…sweet to the soul…Proverbs 16:24. Each measures approximately 29″L × 30″W. 100% cotton. Machine wash cold, tumble dry on low.

Sweet To The Soul Tea Towel
Sweet to the Soul Recipe Cards.  These matching recipe cards are 4”H x 6” W and packaged in an organza bag. This recipe card set contains 20, 4″H × 6″W, cards in 2 colors, 10 cards in each color. On each recipe card, the message reads, Sweet to the soul. Proverbs 16:24.
Sweet To The Soul Recipe Cards

Sweet to the Soul Apron.  This matching personalized child’s apron is just adorable!

It measures 24”H x 18” W and message reads, Sweet to the soul. Proverbs 16:24. Apron measures 24″H × 18″W. Sized for ages 3-6. 100% cotton. Machine wash cold, tumble dry low. One line personalization. 12 character limit.

2. The Kitchen Essentials Collection has a retro vintage look also that may bring back memories of the past, or being to create those memories now! Great also for a Birthday gift, Wedding shower gift, or to anyone who loves to bake!

The Kitchen Essentials Tea Towel. This tea towel is approximately 29 ”L x 30” W.

Message reads, We’ll share with you all the blessings the Lord gives us. Numbers 10:32 NLT. Measures approximately 29″L × 30″W. 100% cotton. Made in India. Machine wash cold, tumble dry on low.

Kitchen Essential Tea Towel
The Kitchen Essentials Recipe Cards.  These matching recipe cards measure 4”H x 6” W and are packaged in an organza bag. This recipe card set contains 20, 4″H × 6″W, cards in 2 colors, 10 cards in each color. On each recipe card, the message reads, Feed them with the abundance of Your own house. Psalm 36:8 NLT.
Kitchen Essential Recipe Cards
A fun way to give these either of these collections are:

  • Use the tea towel like wrapping paper and tie around a gift inside
  • Tie a favorite recipe to the tea towel and wrap up ingredients for the recipe within the tea towel as a gift idea!
  • Another fun Wedding shower idea would be to have everyone write out a recipe cards when they arrive? It makes a special long lasting gift to have in all everyone’s own handwriting!

Which set is your favorite?

This Mug!

This mug, is one everyone loves!
Message on it reads: begin each day with a grateful heart.

heirloom-mugIt is a customer favorite, and makes such a wonderful gift!
Put come candy in it, package of hot chocolate, tea bag, coffee sample, or give just as it is!

Great for a teacher, friend, daycare, parents, grandparents… or someone who is ill, struggling, or a person in your life you are grateful for! It’s one of those “gift closet” gifts you’ll be glad to have on hand!
To order your mugs, click HERE! 

You’ll not only make someone happy with your gift, but give them a loving message a gratitude they can read everyday!



Gifts For Women Who Love Jewelry & Jesus

Ladies who love jewelry & Jesus, this is for you!

Mary & Martha has 10 jewelry pieces designed with a message or symbol of faith, to keep truth close to your heart.

1. Crown of Splendor Necklace.
Scripture reference on back of pendent reads, Isaiah 62:3. Lead & Nickel Free. Pewter. 35″ chain. Mary & Martha Jewelry

2. Beaded Hammered Cross.
Measures 20″L. Includes 5 gold plated hammered crosses.screen-shot-2016-08-29-at-12-20-22-pm

3. Walk In Love Necklace.
Message reads, Walk in Love. Plated rose gold. Lead & Nickel Free. Bar measures 13/8″W. 18″ screen-shot-2016-08-29-at-12-20-31-pm

4. Be Still Necklace.
Message on back of the pendent reads, Be Still. Plated rose gold. Lead & nickel free. 30″ chain. screen-shot-2016-08-29-at-12-20-41-pm

5. By Grace Alone Necklace.
Message reads, By Grace Alone. Plated gold. Words measure 11/8″W. 18″ chain.screen-shot-2016-08-29-at-12-20-49-pm

6. For The Joy Necklace.
Let this necklace be a reminder that Christ endured the cross because of the joy set before Him—a restored relationship with us! Message reads, (front) Joy, (back) Hebrews 12:2. Chain measures 18″.


7. Hammered Cross Necklace.
This sterling silver hammered cross necklace is a beautiful, yet simple addition to your jewelry collection. Let it be a silent witness of your love for Christ. Chain measures 18″.screen-shot-2016-08-29-at-12-21-04-pm

8. Mary & Martha Signature Bangle.
Adjustable Bracelet with 3 charms included. Lead & Nickel Free. Message on charms read: Welcome. Serve. Connect // Mary & Marthabracelet


9. Adventure On Bracelet.
Message on bar reads, Live Courageously & Adventure on. Bar measures 1 1/4″ W × ¾”H. Message on back of circle charm reads, Psalm 16:11. 7″ chain.

10. Adventure On Necklace.
Message on bar reads, Adventure on. Bar measures 1 1/4″ Wide. Message on back of circle charm reads, Psalm 16:11. 18″ chain.

Christian Music Decor

Lyrics For Life

I love Contemporary Christian music! There so many great artists who know just the right words to sing, bringing us to our knees in tears, or dancing in praise! And sometimes in the same song!

Do you have that song that just reaches out and touches your soul that you know has impacted and possible changed your life? Is there a lyric of that song that you remember and love? Or is it a lyric you would love others to know and cherish as you do?

The Lyrics For Life are plaques of those music lyrics we have grown to love!


The Lyrics For Life are 2 for $20, and are 5 1/2″ square. They have a keyhole on the back to be hung, or a peg to stand on a desk or shelf. Some are even embellished with glitter! The 8 featured songs are:
1. Father’s Love Hymn,
2. How He Loves Us (here sung by David Crowder),
3. Better Is One Day (sung here by Matt Redman),
4. My King (sung here by Newsboys),
5. The Revelation Song (sung here by Kari Jobe),
6. I Will Rise (sung here by Chris Tomlin),
7. Everlasting Song (sung here by Lincoln Brewster).

See how pretty they could be in your home!
Lyrics for Life

A great gift for a friend, music teacher, ministers or clergy, bible study, or just for yourself!

Which is your favorite Christian music song?

Lyrics for Life

How To Use A Paper Table Runner

to entertain and bless your guests

With the holidays approaching, there will lots of entertaining family and friends. Would you like to add a fun flare to your table this year? Something that will also make your serving easier too?

The Filled With Joy Chalkboard Paper Table Runner OR This Is The Table Paper Table Runner will do just that!

The rolls of either of these paper table runners are  a 30″ x 50′ roll of heavy paper you can use a multiple of ways! It not only is useful but also has a meaningful message that will bless you guests!

On the chalkboard paper table runner the message reads: The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy. Psalm 126:3.
On the white paper table runner the message reads: This is the table that is before the Lord. Ezekiel 41:22..

One of the most common ways to use the table runner is to mark what you are serving right on the paper table runner. Roll it out, put the serving dishes on it, and write what is in each dish, or add a bit of humor too! You won’t be leaving your guests guessing, they’ll know exactly what you are serving!
Filled With Joy Chalkboard Paper Table Runner This Is The Table Paper Table Runner

You can also guide your company to where to start on the serving table, or welcome them to your home via the paper table runner!

Out of all these ideas here given, which is your favorite?