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Life is busy, and trying to keep track of everyone’s schedules and activities is hard. And often in the process of everyday life thoughts, dreams, and goals get pushed to the way side, lost in the hustle and bustle.  Each year I look for the right planner that will help me get it together, keep it together, and then remember where I put it!

Then I found the Christian iBloom Life & Business Planner, and it offers all of this. It does not just organize your life, but helps you build your life!


It has pages we all love like project planning, to-do lists, weekly goals, healthy living, and scripture. Beginning and  mid-year check-in where you can re-evaluate goals, priorities, and track your progress. A place to create your vision board, and lots of room for notes, goals, gratitude lists, and inspiration. Here are a few pages. 

Holidays Monthly BusinessGoals Planning

It is spiral bound laminated or you can print from home also. This year it has stickers, note pads, a clip-able bookmark, and erasable highlighters! The first 500 who pre order the iBloom Life & Business Planner will also get a free tote bag with the iBloom motto on it.
Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 1.53.13 PM

And even better yet, you get a video explaining how to use the planner!

Pre Ordering starts today! Grab your iBloom Life & Business Planner and we will be all set to make 2017 a great year!

Cheese Board

When I am shopping I see so many cheese boards. They are really a popular item right now, and it’s not wonder, as they are such an easy way to make a snack elegant! But there is one offered by
Mary & Martha that no only adds elegance, but a great message.

The Abundance Pizza Tray is a large 18″ hand crafted tray made of acacia wood. It is blank on one side for serving, and on the other side it reads: Feed them with the abundance of your own house. Psalm 36:8 in a pretty calligraphy font by Lindsay Letters.

cff35787188477e41559d5c7934998d0 original (1)

A great board for pizza,


or to use for a cheese board!


When not in use, you have a beautiful piece with a loving message.


The Mary & Martha Abundance Pizza Tray is functional and pretty! A great gift, or just to have yourself too!
Pizza Tray P

Do You Love Your Life?

You may be in the habit of being grateful. You may even keep a journal just for that purpose. But when your head hits the pillow at night, are you smiling? Exhausted from pouring out your skills & talents into those people and things you love? Or are you just worn out and already dreading the next day?

Yes, we can be grateful in all circumstances but why not do everything you can to LOVE your life while you’re here? Every day is a gift but unless you know the answers to these 3 questions, you may not feel like you are opening up a gift each morning.

How to Create a Life You Love

30-Day Experience

Join Me by clicking HERE!

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 12.20.08 PM

My friends at iBloom are on a mission to revolutionize the way women do business and live life, and I’d love for you to meet them! If you feel weighed down by responsibility instead of inspired by possibility, something needs to change. There will be hard days, but more often than not, iBloom is helping women learn how to wake up excited about the day ahead and feel fulfilled when it’s time for bed. You really can love your life! Join in to find out how to make the changes that make all the difference.

Join me and the iBloom Team as we get clear on these 3 things:

  1. What is your God assignment?
  2. What is your definition of success?
  3. What are your priorities in this season and how can you live into them on a daily basis?

If you are curious about what it takes to create a life you love, this is a 30 day course for you.

Hope you will join us by clicking HERE!

ibloom love your life



Tea Towel Wall Decor

Do you love to create DIY pieces for your home, or to give as a gift? If so this is such an easy and fun way to make a meaningful wall decor item. With 2 designs to choose from, you can add a scripture message in your dining room or kitchen, or a loving welcoming message in your entry way or living room.

Mary & Martha has 2 tea towels that are designed by Linday Letters that can be used for this project. The Love & Grace Tea Towel or Acts 2:46 Tea Towel. Both of these are available for only $22.

Next I purchased a 20×24 canvas frame. I have found these for as low as low as $5 each in local hobby stores or online sites. In this picture I found a buy on get one free which was $9 apiece. Either way you are making a big picture for less than $40 (with towel shipping and tax), not too bad!


First I ironed the towel so it had no creases in it, laid it face down and centered the canvas on top of it. With thumb tacks I pushed the towel to the back of the wooden frame. Then I could flip it over and see if was centered. Adjust it as needed, and when is exactly where you want it, with a staple gun attached and secured the sides and corners of the towel to the wooden part of the frame.

frame 2

It was so easy! And for approx. $40 made a wonderful gift! So… means I had gotten 2 frames, I got another towel, so I could have a new picture for my home too! What do you think? Do you like it?



Add a few embellishments for a fun look too! 12799054_10153478869477825_468408175857776028_n


Don’t want to create it around a canvas? Bring to a framing place and your could look similar to this one.

bread pic

Or if you are a quilter, look at this idea too!


Which one are you going to try? The Love & Grace Tea Towel or Acts 2:46 Tea Towel?

tea towel

Daily Grace

The little messages we see and read matter. They stick in our head throughout the day, or come just at the right times to remind us of what really matters… like God’s love, gratitude, and grace!

That is why I love these serving pieces cause each one has a message of grace, hence where it’s name comes from, Daily Grace! These are 5 exclusive items that are on sale until July 17th, or while supplies last.

  1. Daily Grace Tall Serving Bowl

    A fresh-style look, a touch of whimsy, and beautiful inspiration makes this Daily Grace serving bowl perfect for everyday use and enjoyment! It easily blends with existing tableware. On the unique, make-it-your-own chalkboard decal, write the name of the dish inside, or describe its contents with a descriptive word (savory!), or chalk the reference of a meaningful Scripture for an engaging conversation with family and/or friends over dinner. Makes a great gift for any occasion! Message: live a grateful life Scripture: Oh, how grateful and thankful I am to the Lord because He is so good. Psalm 7:17 Product Details: •Size: 6″H x 8″ diameter •Scripture on underside of bowl •Features handpainted debossed lettering & design; variation of color may occur •Chalkboard decal and message on one side only •Material: ceramic •Hue: cream, teal •Dishwasher and microwave safe •Chalk not included

  2. Daily Grace Wide Serving Bowl

    wide  bowl

    This charming Daily Grace serving bowl gives ample space for serving delicious main entr’es, side dishes, desserts, and more! Its simple style graciously allows for mixing with existing tableware, and its message gently evokes thoughts of God’s sufficient grace – grace for today…grace for the moment…grace for now. It also beautifully blends with other selections in the Daily Grace Collection, offering a simple, yet elegant display of inspiration and classic style. A perfect gift for any day, for any occasion! Message: grace for today Scripture: Oh, how grateful and thankful I am to the Lord because He is so good. Psalm 7:17 Product Details: •Size: 10 1/2″ diameter; 3 1/4″H •Scripture on underside of bowl •Features handpainted debossed lettering & design; variation of color may occur •Material: ceramic •Hue: cream, purple •Dishwasher and microwave safe

  3. Daily Grace Cake Pedestal

    Its inspirational message, classic style, and simple touch of whimsy makes this cake pedestal a delightfully fun piece for serving favorite cakes and delicacies! Its fresh and informal style lends itself for blending easily with existing tableware. “A grateful life is blessed” – a gracious reminder to continue to be thankful to God for His daily provision and blessings! Message: a grateful life is blessed Scripture: Oh, how grateful and thankful I am to the Lord because He is so good. Psalm 7:17 Product Details: •Size: 5 1/8″H; 12 5/8″ diameter; pedestal, 4 3/8″ diameter •Scripture on underside of cake pedestal •Features handpainted debossed lettering & design; variation of color may occur •Material: ceramic •Hue: cream, purple •Hand wash only

  4. Daily Grace Divided Serving Dish

    divided server
    With refreshing simplicity, this divided serving dish infuses inspiration and charm into everyday living! Use for serving relishes, snacks, or favorite candies, or perfect for gathering rings, bracelets, or earrings! A wonderful reminder of God’s sufficient grace for today and to give thanks, always! Mixes easily with existing, everyday tableware! Messages: live a grateful life grace for today open your heart in grateful praise! grace is enough Scripture: Oh, how grateful and thankful I am to the Lord because He is so good. Psalm 7:17 Product Details: •Size: 14 5/8″L x 4 3/4″W •Scripture on underside of serving dish •Features handpainted debossed lettering & design; variation of color may occur •Material: ceramic •Hue: cream, purple •Dishwasher and microwave safe
    Thank you to theinspiredroom.net for the beautiful photo!

  5. Daily Grace Place Cards (set of 4)
    place cards
    A whimsical design, powerful inspiration, and chalkboard decals make this place card set fun and ideal for arranging family seating around the table! Its simple style lends itself for uniquely mixing with existing tableware, easily and comfortably. Use to label foods, or write the name of someone you want to keep in your prayers too. Great gift idea for all occasions! Message: open your heart in grateful Praise! Scripture: Oh, how grateful and thankful I am to the Lord because He is so good. Psalm 7:17 Product Details: •Size: 3 7/8″L x 2 7/16″W x 7/8″D; 2 1/4″H •Scripture on back of each place card •Features handpainted debossed lettering & design; variation of color may occur •Material: ceramic, chalkboard decal •Hue: cream, purple •Hand wash only •Chalk not included

All are on sale until July 17th or while supplies last!

daily grace

Which one is your favorite? The tall serving bowl, wide serving bowl, divided server, cake pedestal, or place cards?

Duck Dynasty Decanters

If you have watched A&E Duck Dynasty, you know Korie Robertson who is also known as @bosshogswife. She has a collection of gorgeous carafe or decanters available until July 17th, or while supplies last!


The decanters are glass and come in 3 sizes. Each one reads “faith & family” on the front, and has a mango wooden stopper.

87006_alt2 87006_alt1

The Salt & Light Large Carafe is 1 Quart, 3 7/8″ diameter; 9 1/2″H and is fun and functional! This beautiful large glass carafe makes a lovely vase for fresh flowers, a useful container in the bathroom for cotton balls, or a jar to collect change. 

The Salt & Light Medium Carafe is 1/2 Quart, 3 3/8″ diameter; 8″H. This stunning glass carafe is great for adding to your existing table décor, or for filling with any beverage, candy, or even fresh flowers! 

The Salt & Light Small Carafe is 1/4 Quart, 2 3/4″ diameter; 6 1/4″H. Create a spa feel in your bathroom when you fill this small glass carafe with bath salts, make a lasting memory when you fill it with sand and shells from your beach vacation, or simply use it for collecting change on your desk! 


With so many creative ways to decorate your home, this large glass carafe makes a great gift for a wedding, house warming, birthday, or really, any occasion!

Want to see them a bit closer? This video may help!

salt & light

How would you use them in your home? or who would you give them to?

Think On These Things

Finally brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things. Philippians 4:8

To think is: To have the mind occupied on some subject; to have ideas, or to revolve ideas in the mind. This scripture is a great reminder of what our thoughts really are and do.

Whatever is true… thoughts that are accurate or exact. Truth.
Whatever is noble… thoughts with high moral principles and ideals. Righteousness.
Whatever is pure… thoughts free of any contamination. Clean.
Whatever is lovely… exquisitely beautiful, delightful. Jesus.

Can you imagine what our days and world would be like if we truly “thought on these things” everyday? Is it easy to let your thoughts become distracted and not think on these things? Need a reminder?

This collections is a beautiful way to help us keep our focus.

  1. The Think On These Things Plates are 8 1/2″ ceramic, microwave and dishwasher safe. So pretty to serve company or your family off of, display in your home, or give as a gift!
    11426561_10100160927603715_1227579306_o 38417889a46dcfb57ce8428d1ff96868
    2. The Think On These Things Mugs come in set of 2. True and Noble or Lovely and Pure. They are ceramic, microwave and dishwasher safe. Also so pretty to serve company or your family, display in your home, drink your coffee or tea from, plant a flower, or give as a gift,
    10422531_10207107462393183_2893271216727146163_n 12471493_1107577729252959_6966404003296726897_o b70d3bb108bfb6e50ff9befc7d944753 d070e79e8881ad0d63497a1c4347cc06

3. Then the Think on These Things tea towels come in 2 patterns, the Watercolor Sunflower and the Watercolor Roses.  These are such pretty towels to use to serve your company or family, wrap around a plate as a gift, or even wrap around a canvas for a wall decor as you can here in the post HERE.
78553_large 1513784_10153186349802774_8438688976627628880_n finished
A great collection to remind us of what our thoughts need to be, lovely, pure, true, and noble. Give to a friend or use in your home. Let’s help each other stay focused on the things we need to think on!

Please comment and share… which word is the hardest for you to focus on? ResizedImage600374-TruePlateMugTowel

think on

Everyday Matters Bible on SALE

This bible has been on my wish list for a long time, and the hardcover one is now on sale for only $11.99 until June 13th. That is a 73% savings! Or the soft covered one is $24.99 until June 13th. That is a 28% savings!

NLT Everyday Matters Bible for Women, Hardcover

NLT Everyday Matter Bible for Women, Softcover 

A new Bible for busy women transforms daily life into a life that matters every day

Today’s Christian woman is so busy handling the challenges of day-to-day life that spending time in the Word can easily become yet another should buried in that growing list of daily musts. Created in partnership with Christianity Today women magazine, the Everyday Matters Bible for Women is designed to help women develop spiritual practices that will make their lives richer, not harder. It offers practical encouragement and tools to renew, reinvigorate and restore meaning to everyday life.

This Bible features twenty-four disciplines—or practices—that position us to receive power and strength to do those things that we cannot possibly do on our own and make everyday life fuller and deeper. Each discipline is represented by a colorful icon whose illustration is a reminder of its meaning.

The contemporary language of the New Living Translation combines with content from today’s foremost Christian leaders to help readers understand and apply spiritual discipline.

Every discipline is explored in four ways

  • Everyday Matters. Two-page articles introduce major themes and focus on an essential part of understanding and practicing a discipline.
  • Everyday Profiles. Profiles of twenty-five Biblical women highlight a particular discipline.
  • Everyday Questions. Short articles delve into a difficult aspect of the spiritual practice and offer practical help on incorporating the discipline into your daily life.
  • Everyday Reflections. Selections illustrate ways to personalize and apply God’s Word to your own situation.

More than 300 articles and features by more than 140 of today’s most well-known Christian leaders and writers, including: Kay Warren, Priscilla Shirer, Elisa Morgan, Nancy & John Ortberg, Richard Foster, Liz Curtis Higgs, and Lauren Winner.


  • 4-color printing throughout
  • Book introductions
  • Color-coded icons identify each Spiritual Discipline addressed in contributors’ material
  • Article, “How to Use This Bible in a Small Group Study”
  • Index of Spiritual Practices
  • Resources for further reading
  • Presentation page
  • Ribbon marker
  • 9-point text size
  • 9.50″ x 6.75″ x 1.50″

Don’t miss out! Order your hardcover bible today by clicking HERE! Or the soft covered bible by clicking HERE!


Christian Melamine Dishware

Mary & Martha has a collection of melamine dishware that is really thick and of great quality. It looks like ceramic, but it’s not! The colors of it is teal and yellow, so lively and fun looking, they just make you smile! These are also great gifts for many occasions or people. Let me show you the pieces, and the Christian message on them too!

collage logo

The melamine “This Is The Table Before The Lord” collection consists of:
~Salad Plates SOLD OUT
~Dinner Plates in Teal or Yellow. 11″D
~Dessert Plates. 63/4″D. Messages: Savor Life, Say Grace, Share Joy and Gather Together.
~Table Bowls. 83/4″D × 13/4″H. Message: This is the table that is before the Lord. Ezekiel 41:22.
~3 Nested Bowls. Small 5 1/2″ D x 3″ H. Message: A shared table is a place of blessing. Medium 7 1/2″ D x 4″ H. Message:This is the table that is before the Lord. Ezekiel 41:22. Large 9″ D x 5″ H. God food feeds the body, good company feeds the soul. 
~Platter SOLD OUT

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 9.52.10 AM

Since these  pieces are shatter resistant, they work so great for entertaining on the patio, camper, boat, or for summer grilling! 

11755751_1098575653490070_4561391236705623424_n  Don’t believe they are shatter resistant? Watch the video as I try to show you how durable they are!

They are dishwasher safe too!

PicMonkey Collage

These make great gifts for a wedding, birthday, bridal shower, or house warming just to name a few!

And some are the June guest special, so that means you can combine for some great savings!

For example: Order the 3 nested bowls and then add 2 yellow or teal dinner plates for only $18.


With pieces like this with prices like that, a great time to stock up on a few gifts!
Which piece and who would you give it to?
pinterest melamine

Join in July

You’ve maybe heard me say it before, but it really is the community of women that makes Mary & Martha so special. Having positive encouraging influences in your life does wonders, and having the reminders of God’s love our products show too! It’s a great combination! Would you pass this on to someone you know who could use that, or may be interested in this June special? I’ll explain what that special is next!


In July there is a great enrollment special! Anyone who joins Mary & Martha by purchasing a starter or deluxe kit will a fall sample pack for free. This is valued at $250 and will consist of fall product and business supplies. It’s like getting a second kit for FREE! See more on this by clicking HERE!
Join_in_JulyThe second FREE kit would be shipped to you July 25th after our National Conference in Chicago where the new product is shown and announced. The new fall catalog would then begin August 1.

To see the kits and such better just click HERE.

Or until July 22nd you can join for only $76!

You get a small kit now and another fall kit for FREE that ships also on July 25th.


Mary & Martha a ground floor company, founded by DaySpring, and owned by Hallmark… it is a unique place to combine work, faith, and join a community of women who celebrate God’s love in our lives! Want to see more about this? Check out this blog post: What it’s all about!